Donor Testimonials

Heather's Donation Testimonial

My name is Heather, and I am 39 years old, living in Youngsville, LA with my husband, 15 year old stepson, 2 1/2 year old son, and 1 year old daughter. My other stepson lives in Prairieville, LA. Three and a half years ago, I married the most wonderful man in the world. Six months into our marriage, we got pregnant with our first child, Jack. He is now a healthy 2 1/2 year old little boy. Eight days shy of my 38th birthday last year, we had our first daughter, Emory. After our son was born, it was obvious that I was producing an endless supply of milk, which allowed me to store up (via pumping) months of milk for him, while also breastfeeding him. After we learned that I was pregnant with our second child, I wasn't quite sure if I would be as blessed with the abundant milk supply I had after my first child. After Emory was born, I began breastfeeding her within hours of her birth, but we had a tough time. Within 4 days, my milk supply had come in, but she was still unable to latch on properly, leaving me very sore, very frustrated, and very sad. I won't go into details on the pain, but it was enough to deter me from continuing to breastfeed. That was when I decided to start pumping exclusively. My fears of a low milk supply were unfounded, for, as in my first experience with my son, I was blessed with a very abundant supply. I was producing much more than my daughter was consuming, so I was able to freeze a significant amount each day from the beginning. About that same time I read about a milk donor laboratory and my parents contacted me about one they had heard about. I prayed about it, and within days, I was online filling out the application. I knew that if God had blessed me with this gift of milk for my babies, and the ability for my body to produce as much as it was producing, that my purpose was to help those that were in need. I only had one choice, and that was to share my gift with those who needed it the most. My heart aches for these mommies and babies, but I am so glad that something that comes so easy to me will benefit those who are less fortunate.

I was anxious to get the email accepting me as a donor. After my application was approved, I completed all the necessary lab work. A few weeks later, I received the exciting news that I had been selected to be an official milk donor for the San Gabriel Valley Milk Bank. I anxiously awaited the arrival of my first coolers. I immediately filled 6 large coolers with milk I had accumulated in 2 upright freezers and one deep freezer. I sent pictures to Joe to show the urgency in which I needed those coolers. I continue to this day to ship coolers one to two times per month.

Joe and Alva have been fantastic. Their communication is ongoing and timely, and I receive supplies within days of my requests. As for the shipping process, it's a breeze. My coolers are picked up by FedEx directly from my front door. It couldn't be easier. And I don't pay a thing. The coolers, supplies, shipping, lab work, pump (if needed) is all paid for by the milk bank. I would highly recommend to any woman who has the ability to produce breast milk, and who has the milk to spare, to participate in the wonderful experience that I have been so blessed to be a part of. Thanks to San Gabriel Valley and other milk banks that make this process possible. My heart smiles knowing that I am touching babies all over the country that I won't ever meet but have the honor of helping during this precious time in their lives. Thanks to God for giving me the privilege of helping so many of His little creatures!!

Heather - Youngsville, LA