More than a half million babies in the United States - that's 1 in every 8 - are born premature each year.1

Making a Difference in the lives of premature infants

These preemies are often at risk for a number of life-threatening complications including Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC). One of the biggest hurdles these babies face is receiving enough calories and protein to develop and survive. By making the decision to donate your excess breast milk, you could have a significant impact on the lives of these infants and their families. has been designed to aid healthy lactating women locate a donor milk bank for the purpose of breast milk donation. Donations of extra breast milk will be used to make nutritional formulations by Prolacta Bioscience®, a for-profit company, and sold to hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs). These products provide enhanced nutritional support required for very low birth weight, critically ill, premature infants.

In conjunction with Prolacta Bioscience®, the goal of is to provide an opportunity for all qualified donors across the contiguous United States to donate their excess milk by making the donation process convenient and confidential.

All milk banks within the system abide by HIPAA regulations and makes certain that all private information is kept secure.

1Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

Featured Milk Bank

FirstSteps Donor Milk Program of Methodist Children's Hospital

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Methodist Healthcare has provided quality care for patients in the San Antonio area and surrounding community for over 50 years. Methodist Children's Hospital, a campus of Methodist Hospital, implemented FirstSteps Donor Milk Program to help save the lives of critically ill babies in the Newborn Intensive Care Units (NICU). By donating your extra breast milk to FirstSteps, premature babies in the San Antonio area can receive the benefits of 100% human milk nutrition. FirstSteps Donor Milk Program is a Prolacta-affiliated donor milk program and is responsible for donor recruitment. Prolacta manages donor qualification and milk collection, testing and processing into nutritional formulations for use at Methodist Children's Hospital.